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Growth continues: a new factory with serial production capabilities opens

Our new manufacturing plant applies the latest technology and the best Nordic know-how to enable sustainable industrial electrification with battery solutions.

As the climate emergency urges industries to accelerate the green transition, industrial electrification is evolving rapidly. Existing battery systems are being replaced with new Li-ion-based technologies and machines running with internal combustion engines are re-designed to hybrid and fully electric.

Celltech is known as a pioneer in battery manufacturing in the Nordics. We have been manufacturing battery solutions in Sweden since 1984. As the demand for battery systems keeps on growing, we have opened our third plant in Tampere, Finland with state-of-the-art equipment, and capabilities for large-scale serial production of battery systems for industrial vehicles. The factory will also include an Engineering & Development Centre (EDC) serving Celltech locations in six countries.

The global trend of industrial electrification is bringing actors together to strive towards more efficient and cleaner production.

“Our customers include leading European industrial companies that are currently tackling the challenge of vehicle electrification. In their projects, the electrification of work machinery is proceeding even faster than they originally expected. We now have vast opportunities in global markets – such as in the mining, port, forestry machine, and robotics industries,” says Patrik Elwing, CEO of Celltech Abatel AB.

With complete in-house design, tooling, production, and testing capabilities as well as three agile volume production sites in Sweden, Finland, and China, we have wide resources and capacity to manage projects from initial idea to mass production, global logistics, maintenance, and recycling.

“We have designed and manufactured over 1000 customer-specific battery solutions starting from simple primary alkaline battery packs to highly advanced Lithium battery systems with cloud-based online monitoring and management. Our knowledge of battery system design and manufacturing collected over the years helps us design new customer-specific battery systems efficiently and cost-effectively.” Patrik Elwing continues.

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About Celltech

At Celltech, our mission is to enable sustainable electrification of industrial machinery and equipment. As one of the leading battery and battery systems suppliers in Europe, Celltech sources, designs and manufactures a wide range of batteries from standard products to highly advanced battery packs and customer-specific industrial battery systems. Together with our extensive partner network, we provide our customers with value-added, high-quality, and competitive total solutions with efficient global logistics.

Celltech founded in 1984 has factories in China, Finland, and Sweden, and sales offices in China, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the UK. Celltech is a part of Addtech AB, listed in Nasdaq Stockholm’s large-cap with annual revenue of 1,1 billion EUR.