A part of Celltech Group

Valence Technology Inc was founded in 1989. Since then the company has worked to develop the world’s safest and most robust lithium batteries. By taking control over so well the chemical structure as well as all the electronics and mechanics around the battery Valence can today deliver a battery with high cycles, high sequrity and long life. These batteries have a performance that makes them good to use in buses, boats and trucks. Valence is a partner to Celltech since 2011 and assists throughout the process to develop a system that fits for each unique application.


Valence batteries offer :

• More than 2500 cycles at 100 % DoD
• Modular system 12-1000V
• Quick charge
• High security
• A complete battery monitoring system *(BMS)
• A battery free from heavy metals

* XP series uses external BMS.