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Lithium technology has made great strides in recent years and at Celltech we possess both great knowledge and a broad range of this type of battery. Lithium cells, which are primarily characterized by their high energy density, also have safety risks. We therefore focus exclusively on projects and sales of product ranges where we have full control of the development process and can ensure that the proper charging and safety electronics are used. We therefore do not sell just the cells, when we do not have full insight into the area of use.

Please contact us and we will help you choose the right battery solution.

To develop a specially designed lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is now surrounded with testing and transportation requirements. To simplify for you in need of recharging only Li-ion batteries, we at Celltech developed several batteries that make it easier for you to get ahead in your product development. Here we have batteries that meet the transportation requirements UN38.3 and is ready to be built into your product. Need to find a special design with mechanical or electrical challenges, we are at your service to help.

Advantages of the standard Li-ion batteries:

• Tested and approved for carriage under UN38.3
• Reduces the “time to market”


SKU Name V L x W x H (mm) Prod. sheets
365-1025 1S1P 3,6
365-1035 2S2P 7,2 5,2 73x19x69
365-1030 2S1P 7,2 2,6
37x19x69 365-1035 3S1P 10,8
2,6 55x19x69 365-1040 4S1P
14,4 2,6 73x19x69 365-1055
4S2P 14,4 5,2 72x37x69

Valence Technology Inc was founded in 1989. Since then the company has worked to develop the world’s safest and most robust lithium batteries. By taking control over so well the chemical structure as well as all the electronics and mechanics around the battery Valence can today deliver a battery with high cycles, high sequrity and long life. These batteries have a performance that makes them good to use in buses, boats and trucks. Valence is a partner to Celltech since 2011 and assists throughout the process to develop a system that fits for each unique application.


Valence batteries offer :

• More than 2500 cycles at 100 % DoD
• Modular system 12-1000V
• Quick charge
• High security
• A complete battery monitoring system *(BMS)
• A battery free from heavy metals

* XP series uses external BMS.