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Responsible operations

Environment and quality

We live in a world where the environmental and climate situation is an increasing concern. To meet our customers’ needs, we strive to constantly find smarter and more energy-saving solutions. As one of the largest battery suppliers in the Nordic region, Celltech plays an important role in an industrial operation with a great environmental focus. We therefore have good opportunities to influence the situation. Flexible and customized battery solutions are the core of our business operations and we will always offer the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective proposal. Through our long experience and broad expertise in batteries, we have the opportunity to guide our customers towards the best solutions from the very beginning.

As a leading battery supplier in the Nordic region, Celltech is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Lithium

Environmental policy

Celltech is working to minimize the environmental impact of our products and solutions as long as it is justified from an ecological perspective and is practically possible from a technical and economic point of view. We do this by:

–   Offer safe products with long life-cycle length and high energy density.
–   Actively strive to replace battery solutions that contain heavy metals in favor of environmentally friendly alternatives.
–  Keep a close dialogue with customers, authorities and suppliers on future environmentally friendly alternatives.
–  Choose and develop environmentally adapted working methods, products and systems whenever possible.
–  Improve our knowledge and commitment to environmental issues that affect us and our customers’ products.
–  Sort our waste, select environmentally friendly packaging materials and prevent soiling as much as ever possible.
–  Compliance with environmental laws and other environmental requirements that may affect our business.

Quality Policy

Our ambition is to be the Nordic region’s leading supplier of batteries and power solutions, which means:

–  We will be the market’s best supplier of systems and products for power solutions where energy storage is a fundamental concept. We will offer our customers increased expertise and be their helping hand.
–  Through our close cooperation with leading manufacturers and an extensive network of contacts, we will offer the right products with the best logistics solutions.
–  Since we have our own production, warehouse and development in Sweden and in China, we can offer short delivery times – both for standard and customized solutions.
– We will constantly review our working methods so that we continually improve our supply to the industry.